Entry: you never know how blessed you are until... Nov 3, 2004

just the other day we saw that kid in a corner of a gas station.
he was sprawling on tummy, totally engrossed on something that he wrote in book, using his mouth to hold the pencil.
his mouth?
because his arms and legs are just stumps that stop before his would be elbows and knees. all four of them.
this is not the first time we saw the little boy. we saw him being pulled in a soapbox behind his father's cart a couple of times. sometimes still in a uniform.
and that afternoon we saw that uniform in a heap behind him, beside his colorful schoolbag. with him happily doing his homework on a piece of concrete like there's no worries in the world.
his father told us the little boy is in the first grade, but he would like to enter him in school for physically disabled children. he talk about his son with this proud look on his face.
i shall never forget the boy's face as he merrily waved us goodbye, with what's left of his hand. it is a face of a happy child. a happy child of a proud father.
it was a humbling experience.


Ruwa Bineda
December 13, 2006   04:05 PM PST
you never know how blessed you are until...you find this long road to heaven...

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