Entry: the lion roars Oct 15, 2004

if i'm not careful, this blog will turn into a travel journal.
seems my brain is filled with nothing else lately.
december coming up, which means another trip is brewing.
research, done. the first of intan's famous spreadsheets arrived in my inbox today. that gal's a freak. but freaky friends have their uses in times like this :p
all i need to do is get permission for my leave.

and work out my own budget, what's with my plan on buying a laptop. yes, i resolvedly end my prehistoricness right here.

speaking of trip, just got back from singapore last night.
missed the early flight on wednesday. yikes. grading already done when we got to frameworks. once we get all the online and check in and stuff, me and hardi headed on to ikea. damn. cannot escape this place. it's not about how much i spend there. it's the SIZE.

went back to the hotel, had a nice long bath and went out for a drink with the frameworks guys. this time it's the beer place at the riverside just across clarke quay. man, i hate beers, not matter how they smell, what they are made of, how many percentage the alcohol. i hate beers. period. but the surrounding is nice, although i think the strong wind had cost me a sore throat.

thursday is shopping day. after went to the gym and have a dip in the swimming pool, me and alfa roamed the chinatown on the way to the bagua shop. so fascinating, the brightly painted windows and patterned-ceramic walls was sleepy and peaceful in the morning, although i imagine it must be bustling with life at night. we passed the royal peacock and 1929 (have to stay there sometime in the future!), do a little clothes shopping, get our bagua and got a cab back to the hotel.

several hours later was spent chasing glass chess set around singapore. looking for props abroad, now that's something. already exhausted, i embraced orchard halfheartedly. that stila smoke pot i coveted turned out hasn't reached singapore yet. and no decent and affordable laptop bag around. i ended up buying a glitzy top (fancy that!), a really cool pants and an itzy bitzy silvery party purse.

raced back to the hotel, no cabs in sight, i ended up taking mrt. yes, my first solo mrt trip was taken in a panicky mind. i almost cried. even when i arrived at the tanjung pagar station, with amara in sight, i have no idea where i should go. heh.

never thought i would be so glad to be back in big bad jakarta...


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