Entry: memories Oct 11, 2004

how often do you blame fate for the bad things that happened to you?
or other people?
or, in that case, that black cat that happened to cross your path?
y'know, most things that happen to you resulted from decissions. yours. and decissions come with consequences. it's your call on which path you should follow.

after all, life is nothing but a trip. one day you stumble into a piece of paradise, and next moment you get a flat tire. but as Maria said to von Trapp, Nothing comes from nothing. you just try to be good and who knows, someday something good just might happen to you.

sometimes you have to accept that all happenings, good or bad, are bound to pass and reduced to memories. some you remember with fondness, some with "what the hell was i thinking?!?"

one thing that i must repeatedly remind myself is that i entered this situation fully aware of what might happen. but no matter what, this is one memory i'll remember with fondness. i had my cake and ate it. and if you must know, it was delicious.


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