Entry: judge not a book by its cover Sep 21, 2004

it's funny when you think about stereotypes.

sometimes you can be so sure when you look at some types and you can guess what they do, what they are like, how they'll treat their opposite sex...
and in some cases, you can be miles off.
like this person i just met.
i mean, by default, he should be gay. he does something that's predominantly gay occupation, immaculately dressed, and very easy for a girl to be with. can convincingly act like one too, heh heh heh.
but fortunately, or unfortunately for gays out there, he's not.
and it can happen to anyone. like how people always accused me of smoking when for the love of god i can't find what's so good about it. and some other accusations that makes me wonder if it's the culprit of some of my situations now.

being too opiniated. i does that too. liking or disliking something for no good reason. sounding my preferences without thinking it through. and kicking myself on the butt afterwards for saying too much.

ah. human.


November 7, 2004   10:47 AM PST
hi monke! i just wanted to tell you about this really dumb model here in manila who once told the press, "Don't judge my brother, he is not a book." and my classmate who always reminds us, "Don't judge a book, just cover it." He he he!
September 21, 2004   07:25 PM PDT
He...he...he.... kalo gue judge the drink by its color...:-p

Eh, alamat blog gue pindah juga... ayo berkunjung ke blog baru gue.

BTW, weekend ini gajian kan... Mabok yuuuuuuuuks....:-))

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