Entry: bandang! Sep 16, 2004

bandung after... don't even remember last time.

the difference? not much, aside from worse traffic. and more malls. and a strech of dusty street where they build that bypass. and that mile-long waiting list at those posh, citylights-view restaurants. all in all, a totally different thing from that sweet old city that i frequented in highschool.

the pariwara is a joke. get more thrill from that 4 minutes benyamin band compare to the whole night. didn't even go to the post-party on the roof.

the next night stayed at Vic's aunt's versace mansion at bumiasih. jaw dropped to the floor as we see the remote-operated gate. for real. a real nice lady, smothered us with food until we get suspicious she's hansel and gretel's witch trying to fatten us up :D

ate dinner at the valley. great steak. after some puny attempt to play cards, it turns out that everybody's very tired and we went to sleep.

those lazy boys. thanks to them, we finally got out of the house *after some sumptuous brekkie ofcourse* at nearly 12. got to the train station almost 2 hours afterwards, we just have little time in ciwalk before everybody have to go back to the house to pack. i jumped ship to intan's group coz i'll be retuning the next morning. meanwhile, i spend my time doing something really corny. like meeting a friendster friend. hahahaha... a totally worthwhile thing to do!! <just in case he read this sometime :)>

went back to casa d'ladera with intan's gang. then have dinner @ the peak. crummy food with nasty price. then joined with ismet and mandy turning bandung upside down looking for a place to drink. at last found north sea <a sailor bar in the middle of a midland town if there ever was one> in braga. seems like the dodgy end of the town at night, what with the girls... or boys with long hair... can't tell with so little light. nursing my margarita, i realized i haven't done this in awhile. how i love to be among my friends. let's not wait to get to bandung before i can feel this again...


September 21, 2004   07:05 PM PDT
Hahahahaha. Bandung emang GOKIIILLLLL. Anyway, sebenernya kalo mau ketemuan mah gampang aja atuh. elonya aja yg sibuk terus. Hehehehehe. Oh ya, gue ganti alamat blog lagi. Dan baru gue update! Ayo berkunjung! Jangan bandel yah!

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